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Michelle Jacobi’s Music Studio Recital

October 23rd, 2022

The Juggler by Faber

Miles W.

Spring by Vivaldi

Helena S.

Hang Ten by Andrea Dow

Jackson G.

‘Til Morning Comes by Andrea Dow

Franklin W.

Yankee Doodle (Traditional)

Mallory P.

Pumpkin by Wendy Stevens

Alyssa S.

Biplane Bear by Andrea Dow

Vinny S.

Part of Your World

Aurelia K.

Unicorn Gliding by Wendy Stevens

Emilia Y.

Russian Sailor Dance (Traditional)

Norah W.

Ode to Joy by Beethoven

Aisael A.

A Mixed-Up Song by Faber

Leah W.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by M. David

Leah W. (singing)

Malaguena (Spanish Trad.)

Omar C.

Hero’s Quest by Andrea Dow

Grace P.

Ebbed Sea by Andrea Dow

Cecilia B.

Beautifully Spooked by Wendy Stevens

Wren V.

Still Water by Andrea Dow

Alissa K.

Malaguena (Spanish Trad.)

Xiomara A.

Light and Blue by Alfred

Lucia O.

Minuet by Mozart

.Sam B.

Grand Central Station by N. Faber

Aniella K.

Thank you all for coming and
supporting the students today!
I am very proud of each
and everyone of them
and their hard work!

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