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Policies and Procedures

Dear Parents/ Students,

To better serve you and help with the communication this policy statement is put in place. Please understand that while I greatly enjoy teaching, this is how I make my livelihood. Having said that, I look forward to helping you or your child have a great musical experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to communicate this with me. I want my students to improve while also having fun. 

    Practice Goals

    To better progress in you or your child’s lessons, practice is a must. Usual practice is around 5 times minimum a week. Consistency is important to retaining and applying what you are learning. How long  or how much can vary. If you have questions about how to practice or something is not clear during lesson time please let me know how I can best help you in practice planning.

    CAn't come to your schedule lesson?

    While tradition make-up lessons are not offered. Students that are unable to attend a lesson for any reason have the options at their disposal: Virtual Lesson at the time of their regular lesson, Video Lesson (student sends a video in before the time of their lesson for me to view and send feedback/ a video with an assignment, or I can send some extra side work to add onto the previous assignment, or lesson is canceled with no refund given.  I will also be adding 2 extra Flex weeks group lessons, (free of charge) that all in-person and virtual students can take advantage of. The dates will be listed on my website "Schedule and Events" page. I will send out a form to set those weeks' schedules. If I , the teacher, cannot give a lesson, you will be given rescheduling options. 

    Tuition Payment packages

    Payment is due at the beginning of every month or can be paid by session. Tuition is prorated by month. You will always pay the same fee. This makes it easier for you to know how much tuition will cost every month. This comes out to 34 weeks of lessons during the school year with 2 free Flex Group lesson weeks. If payment is not present at the beginning of the month (1st week of each month) no lesson will be given until a payment is made. Late fee of $10 will be added after 5 days past due.

    Need to Discontinue Lessons?

     A written notice must be given a month/ 30 days in advance before lessons can be discontinued. After notification, you still have the spot reserved for the next month/ 30 days and will still need to pay for the reserved lesson spot till the 30 day period is up.  Refunds are not given.  Again, this is put in place for my livelihood. 


    Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to assisting you or your child on the musical journey in life.


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