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 Schedule and Events

Below you will find the current Schedule and Events that are coming up. Including Recitals, Flex week Group lesson, No Lesson Dates, and Gigs that I will be playing or singing at. 

2023 Schedule
Jan.1st,2023-Sept.9th, 2023

Jan. 2023

Week 15: 2-7

Week 16: 9-14

Week 17: 16-21

Week 18: 23-28


Flex Week: Jan. 30-Feb.4 (scheduled 60 min. group lessons with 3-4 students

Week 19: 6-11

Week 20: 13-18

Week 21: 20-25

**25th and 26th: Zoom Open Mics (email will be sent for times)



Week 22: Feb.27-March 4 (WMTA Audition)

Week 23: 6-11

Week 24: 13-18

Week 25: 20-25

No Lessons**March 27-April 8th Spring Break



Week 26: 10-15

Week 27: 17-22

Week 28: 24-29


Week 29: 1-6

**Next Recital is May 7th at either 3 or 3:30 TTBD**

Week 30: 8-13

Week 31: 15-20

Week 32: 22-27

Week 33: 30-June

(** No lesson on Memorial day June 12 is reserved for Monday students)



Week 34: 5-10 last week of regular lessons

**10th-11th: Zoom Open Mics (an email will be sent for times)

*June 12th is the last for Monday Students due to Memorial Day

Flex Week: June 13-17(scheduled 60 min. group lessons of 3 to 4 students)

Summer Session will start: June 19th**(this was updated)

Summer lessons will be mostly Monday to Friday with only 5 Saturdays in the summer available. Lessons are available at earlier times on weekdays.


June 19th-24th: Week 1 (no lesson June 22nd: performing at Summerfest)

June 26th-30th: week 2

July 5th-8th: Week 3 (no lessons the 3rd or 4th)

July 10th-12th: Week 4 (no lessons 13th-14th)

July 17th-22nd: Week 5

July 24th-28th: Week 6

July 31st-Aug. 4th: (no lessons)

Aug. 7th-11th: (no lessons)

Aug. 15th-19th: Week 7 (no lesson the 14th)

Aug. 21st-256th: Week 8

Aug. 28th-Sept. 1st: (no lessons)

School Schedule Starts Sept. 5th

Sept. 5th-9th: Week1 (no lesson the 4th) (**1st week of School year lessons) (Monday students will have a lesson on the Monday or Tuesday of Thanksgiving week because of labor day)

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