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How to Achieve your Music Goals

How to Achieve your Music Goals

Have you started taking music lessons already? Or are you thinking about it? If so you probably have a reason. To make sure your reason for starting becomes a reality, you should always define what your goals will be. To help you to define these goals I have listed some tips below.


Have a clear reason for taking lessons. A well-defined reason will aid you and your teacher/coach to achieve what you are looking for from your lessons. Please make sure you are scratching deeper than surface answers like “I have always wanted to”. Why have you wanted to? Go deeper.

-Set Long-term Goals

Once you know why you are taking or want to take music lessons, the goals will be easier to make. Start with your long term goal. This is what you want to achieve on the grand scale. Some example could be: wanting to perform with confidence or you want to participate in a music group/ church group. You will then move to how you will prepare yourself for this bigger goal by setting smaller ones.

-Set Short-term Goals

If you have clearly defined your long-term goal, short-term goals will be easy to come up with. With the aid of a teacher/ coach you will be able to set some of these in place. Some examples would be: performing at recital to build confidence or learning to prepare you for performances physically and mentally. A good teacher will know how to direct you to what you need these steps to be.

-Closing Notes

Here I have only listed some of the obvious goals that I hear, but there are clearly more long-term goals that will benefit from this process. Also, keep in mind that we live in the age where instant gratification is at our finger tips. Taking up an instrument and learning to play it or to sing takes discipline and time. Skipping the process of goal setting will lead to mediocre results and possibly money wasted. The bottom line should be to start with a clear plan even if it changes over time. How far you have come will lead to a greater feeling of accomplishment. You will see the value in your lessons and musical journey.

Hope you found these tips on Why and How to Achieve your Musical Goals helpful. Please contact me with any questions. If you are looking for piano or voice teacher with an emphasis on coaching for your musical journey please check out my website at: and feel free to contact me. If you wish to be sent more information like this please sign up for my newsletter. Have a great musical day!


Michelle Jacobi

CEO of Music Lessons for Life

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