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Successful Practice Tips for the Beginner

Successful Practice Tips for the Beginner

Successful Practice Tips for the Beginner

So you or your child has started taking music lessons. Besides the lesson itself and being told to practice, what should you do? What should a successful practice look like?

When Students are just beginning any music lessons it is important to start the right way. How a student practices can make the difference between success and failure. Here are a few tips and tricks I suggest for starting practices with success.

  • Make it part of the schedule

Set aside a regular practice time for each day. This allows for expectations to be met and helps create a habit.

  • Set a timer

Set a timer for practices. Everyone gets busy, but this will make student priorities and focus while also making practice manageable.

  • Move on

Problems with a piece of music or nothing is working right during a practice happens to every student. If this happens, try to move on to another piece/ or book for that practice time. It’s life and everyone has good and bad days practicing. There is always tomorrow.

  • Reward

Always try to do harder songs right after warm ups. Then follow up with favorite piece that is being worked on or one that will be easier. This could also be a song that is no longer assigned, but gives a sense of accomplishment. We always want to end on a positive note when practicing.

  • Encouragement

Talking to parents:Remember to tell your child that they are doing good or you can hear improvement. This can go a long way in building confidence. It will also help them press forward when it is challenging.

Student: If you feel you need some reassurance, ask family, friends, or other students what they think of your musicianship or talk to your teacher about how you feel. They may have other ideas to assist you.

  • Final Notes

Student or Parent:

Make sure to talk to your music teacher for how long and often they suggest practicing for. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help or tell them that you are not sure what to do in this area. A good music teacher will be more than happy to work with you to find a successful practice strategy.

Hope you found these tips on having successful practicing helpful. Please contact me with any questions. If you are looking for piano or voice teacher with an emphasis on coaching for your musical journey please check out my website at: and feel free to contact me. If you wish to be sent more information like this please sign up for my newsletter.


Michelle Jacobi

CEO of Music Lessons for Life

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