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Online Setup for Your First Piano Lesson

Setting up for your first piano lesson is not hard. Below is a list to help.


You just need to have the basic materials.

-table, phone, computer or laptop with a camera

-a reliable internet connection

-a mount or table to place your device at a good angle for you teacher to see your keys and hands (Mounts are best, but using what you have to start is fine.)

-make sure there is enough light for visibility too

(Cameras can have trouble picking things up clearly when it is too dark.)

Things that might be helpful for you to have ready:

These are things that will come in handy during your lessons.

-headphones (sound from device to device can vary)

-pencil and paper or 2nd device to take notes

-music books (what the teacher suggests or you have to start)

Next step:

Online Platform choice made.

Whatever you and your teacher have chosen for a platform (zoom, Facetime, Google Meets, Skype), make sure you have already set up an account in advance. Testing out the platform in advance with someone can be helpful if you have not used it before.

Last step:

Communication is Key.

Make sure you communicate to your teacher if you have trouble hearing or technical difficulties. Your teacher will help you figure out if it is something you or they need to adjust. Make sure you have the most recent update made if needed for the platform. Sometimes internet difficulties can arise and a backup platform will be suggested.

Final Notes:

Set up will be much easier now.

No more worries. You should now be set up for success. All is taken care of and you can enjoy your lessons and start playing!

If you have any questions or are interested in taking lesson, please contact Michelle Jacobi through the website above: or at Have a great day!

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